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All Samples Certified By ISO17025 Lab in NJ

We are full-service mold testing company serving the entire state of New Jersey. Our technicians are specially trained to perform two complementary types of mold spore tests.

  • Gravity/ Settle testing determines airborne spore count.
  • Spot-testing of surfaces determines colony spore count.

Samples are secured and hand-delivered to our NJ-based lab for analysis. Results may be available in 24 hours, and we convey the results to you promptly. It is always recommended to have us do both the “Before” and “After” mold tests.

Before and After Mold Testing

The “Before” test is necessary for determining the price estimate on mold removal service. A greater found concentration typically needs more effort to remediate and the price may vary accordingly.

The “After” test is necessary to prove a successful cleanup. Mold is not always visible, and even if all contaminated surfaces are cleaned, spores may still be in the air. The “After” test is required for us to offer the warranty on remediation service.

Reliable Mold Test Results

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All mold tests are sent to EMSL Laboratories in Cinnaminson NJ for analysis. This is an independant, FDA &amp DEA Licensed, and ISO17025 compliant facility. Test results are 100% certifiable in the case of attorney or bank request.